Thursday, February 12, 2009

Expedition Update: Front Deck Viewing Area

Winter in Finland is not surprisingly a lot like it is in Canada. With the exception being that I find myself living onboard the M/S Expedition. Looking out over the bow you can see the sea ice coming into the harbor in Finland.

Taken from the bridge the picture below shows the front deck of the ship. We have added the red railing that will soon be painted white along our two tiered viewing platform. This will be great when sailing through the Lemaire Channel in Antarctica or sailing in the sea ice in Spitsbergen. But the best experience of all is when whales are playing in the front of the bow. This platform allows people to stand right on the edge and others above to give as many people possible the best view. Our goal is to have many open deck areas for wildlife and scenery viewing. Our top deck will be open as a viewing area as well as the large back deck so all of our passengers can enjoy the fresh air.