Thursday, February 26, 2009

Building Cabins

Installing brand new cabins is no easy task. Months of work have gone into the installation process. It all starts with bringing in the wet units (bathrooms). All have to be lifted off the pier by crane and then loaded in through the stern doors as you can see in the first picture. They are then moved into position and secured into place. Then the flurry of activity occurs with pipes being installed, all the wiring done, everything has to be insulated and a multitude of other tasks. Then only can you start thinking about installing the wall panels. Dont forget cutting in port hotels and windows to make sure that everyone onboard will be able to enjoy a beautiful sunrise with Antarctic mountains in the background. We then get to the point when the walls are up and window panel is cut as in the third picture, all is needed is furniture. Hope you are looking forward to seeing them finished, I know I am. Now we wait for all of the dirty work to be finished so the beds, chairs, wardrobes, tables, curtains, lighting and everything else we need to make your expedition more comfortable can be installed.