Monday, March 23, 2009

A Fresh New Look

As months of work on the M/S Expedition become weeks and days we are now putting together some of the final touches. The ship is a frenzy of activity with over a hundred workers onboard every day feverishly working on everything from cabins to the electrics to engine and even giving her a nice fresh coat of paint. The reality that we were almost ready hit home today as I watched them begin to ingrave the name of the ship onto the hull. I have a picture of that for you soon.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zodiacs: There is no better way to get around

Zodiacs: There is no better way to get around

The most exciting part of any expedition cruise is actually when you get off the ship. Cruise ships use different types of tenders, or landing craft, or RIB boats to transport passengers to and from the ship to land. Some of these tenders are massive holding over a hundred passengers and are enclosed, blocking all views of the surrounding areas. Over the years we have fallen in love with Mark V Zodiacs. They are strong, fast and durable. Perfect for shuttling passengers to and from a landing site anywhere on the globe. We use 4 stroke engines that are not only much better for the environment than 2 stroke engines but are also significantly quieter. This makes zodiacs the perfect viewing platform for watching polar bears or leopard seals.

We will have 12 operational zodiacs onboard making it possible to do a zodiac cruise with all passengers off the ship at the same time. These zodiac cruises will take place in amazing spots like Iceberg alley in Antarctica or the bird cliffs of Alkhornet in Spitsbergen.

Definitely the best way to see the wildlife while not disturbing them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bridge in Sunshine

Somedays in Rauma you do get some sunshine. Today was a beauty.