Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Antarctic Season A Success

The MS Expedition has just finished an incredible first season in the Antarctic. With the ship full to capacity, an outstanding Crew led by Capt. Nicolai, and a stellar Expedition team led by Christopher Gilbert, it is no surprise that the passenger feedback and comments were phenomenal:

'The best vacation of my life'
'I wish we could start all over again'
'I hate to go home'
'There was so much wildlife it was hard to keep the 5M rule'
'I was moved to tears - it rivaled only the birth of my son'

Watching pods of whales play off the bow, giant Albatross fly over it, scores of penguins come up close to investigate, and fur seals cross your path without a second thought, it makes you want to start all over again from day one. Even the dreaded 'Drake Passage' couldn't put a damper on the experience. Words cannot begin to describe what it was like, being a part of something so much bigger then yourself! We, here onboard, feel grateful just to have been a small part of it.

Now we are underway, heading north, towards a new destination and looking forward to our next group of passengers. Hope to see you onboard soon!