Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Update: M/S Expedition's Common Areas

While our construction team is hard at work onboard the ship getting everything put together we have come up with design pictures of the common areas so we can get a sense of what she will look like on completion.

One of the major pluses of the Expedition is the large amount of space onboard for our passengers. Both the dinning room and the Expedition Lounge can seat all passengers and staff comfortably and smaller more intimate areas such as our library and the Polar Bear Pub allow for a some quite time or a smaller gathering.

Expedition Lounge
The Expedition Lounge can accommodate all passengers onboard at one time. This multi use room will be the main gathering point for all briefings, recaps and lectures. The room has brand new AV facilities including wireless audio and 3 screens that presentations can be viewed from. In the evenings the room will host movies or live entertainment or be a quiet place to have a drink and take in the scenery through the panorama windows.

The Library is separated from the lounge by glass doors. This room is for quiet reading and will be stocked mostly with books based on the destinations that we are traveling to. There will be a number of games and novels here too for people to use while onboard. The room is located next door the the computer room that will have 3 machines for passengers to use for email.

Polar Bear Pub
Located in the aft and connected to the back deck, the Polar Bear Pub is our informal meeting area for passengers to enjoy a beverage or a snack while out on the back deck soaking in the scenery.

Dining Room
Our Dinning Room can accommodate all passengers and staff and will be where all meals are served. Surrounded by windows passengers will not miss a thing as they dine on international cuisine.