Thursday, January 22, 2009

Azores Islands: Volcanoes & Wildlife

The maiden voyage of the M/S Expedition take place in the remote and tranquil Portuguese islands of the Azores.

The Azores are Europe’s best-kept secret: tranquil, verdant, diverse, beautiful and always welcoming. Even the most experienced traveller will be touched by the sapphire blue and emerald green lakes, fertile prairies, volcanic cones and craters, colorful flora, wildlife and UNESCO world heritage sites. The nine islands of the Azores enjoy year round mild temperatures and is peaceful with a population of 250, 000 inhabitants, for whom the words “stress” and “pollution” are not part of their vocabulary.

We will explore remote bird colonies by zodiac, take tours of the ancient cites and marvel at the geological phenomenon of these volcanic islands. Since they were first settled in the 15th century, each island has developed at a different speed, depending upon the quality of its harbour, terrain, crops, and its distance from the others. Today this is reflected in their diversity, each island offering its own individual character that makes the Azores such a varied entity.

Our expedition team is made up of a great variety of minds to give you a broad perspective of these islands their history, geology and wildlife. We are excited to have 2 local guides onboard with us for these trips to speak on the day to day life that the people lead in these islands.

This trip is ideal for those who enjoy dramatic scenery, stunning landscapes, volcanic cones and craters, love of wildlife, with a chance to spot whales and variety of birdlife.